Weekend Coffee Share

Good afternoon and come on in. I’ve prepared a few hors devours. Feel free to help yourself to the coffee and tea bar. It’s been a while since our last get together and I hope all is well with you and yours.

So, let’s get to catching up.

If we were having coffee. . . . I’d tell you that nothing much has really been going on. In my last coffee share I mentioned I was contemplating on starting a new blog or perhaps changing the focus of this one to primarily personal essays. I created a new blog, but then decided to give refocusing a try. Next week I’ll kick it off with a post called, “Who Am I?

If we were having coffee. . . . I’d tell you that last week I was at Target looking for a dress and as I was flipping through the dresses on the rack, I overheard an exchange between a mother and her little girl. It went something like this:

Mother: We need to get you some new underpants.

Daughter: What about these?

Mother: Oh okay. I didn’t know you liked boy shorts.

Daughter: Boy shorts! I don’t want boy shorts!

At that point I had to chuckle, especially after the mother began explaining the difference between the briefs she normally wears and boy shorts. However, this little girl just was not having it. She kept saying, “I don’t want boy shorts.” and all I could think about is the innocence of babes.

If we were having coffee. . . . I’d tell you that tutoring is picking up, which I’m excited about. I’m also excited because I got a phone call from the Whiz Kids site coordinator asking me if I’d be interested in being group leader this academic year. “Heck yeah!” So needless to say I’m totally stoked to be doing this. I just hope I’m as good as our previous group leader.

If we were having coffee. . . . I’d tell you that Debbie Do-Gooder has struck again. I’m a sucker for helping out the kiddies. I heard a commercial the other day about dropping off school supplies for foster kids, so I made it my mission to stuff a backpack with as many school supplies as possible.

Here are a few of the things I got. And yes I almost kept the back pack for myself.
wp-1471162946969.jpgwp-1471162977736.jpg wp-1471163010351.jpg









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8 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Thanks for the coffee! Some young person is going to flip over that backpack you picked out. We have donated to that cause and it’s always so much fun picking out what to put inside. New school supplies were always my favorite part of the new year. Too funny about that young girl in Target! She is probably still at that age where all boys have cooties! That will surely change….😊


    • Thanks for stopping Nancy and you’re very welcome. That little girl was 7 or 8, so yeah boys still have cooties. It was so cute and funny. I told my mom bad marketing for that age group. They need to rename them. She was so adamant that she was not going to wear boy shorts or in her mind shorts for boys. I hope whoever gets it loves it. It’s a small. I’m thinking about getting the large for myself.

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