Weekly Smile – Music

I love most all music. I would have to say perhaps the only music I don’t particularly care for is Rap/Hip-Hop. Something has gone very wrong with it, since the days of my youth – Sugar Hill Gang, Kool Moe Dee, Doug E. Fresh and the like. Maybe I’ll have to feature them on a Flashback Thursday.

Anyway, back to or rather on to the Weekly Smile. Tuesday night I went to a concert a coworker invited me to – Andrew Bird. I had never heard of him. A classically trained violinist who whistles and his musical stylings is an eclectic blend of indie folk, but you can still hear the classical music influence in his music.

I’m not exactly sure how I came about this guy. I typed into the YouTube search ‘How to play flute’, and well up pop this guy in the choices. Okay. I’ll bite. I like to hear different renderings of Fur Elise. And by golly is this different. I really enjoyed it. Played it a couple of times.

The Weekly Smile is hosted by Trent over at Trent’s World (the Blog). Feel free to share and link up what made you smile this week.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Smile – Music

  1. I really liked Andrew Bird, but the beatbox flute was pretty cool too. I think it worked better for the jazzy section than the Beethoven, but still sounded good there too. All types of music provides a lot of my smiles.


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