Weekly Smile

It’s been a while since my last Weekly Smile. Enjoy! and I hope it brings a smile to you my lovelies.

I love fresh flowers. It’s just something about them that, well. . . Puts a smile on my face. I haven’t had any since before I moved (still unpacking) and I’ve been feeling a little blue. So, I pulled out my handy dandy smartphone, thumbed through a few pics and came across this one. I like this one because it has my lucky bamboo in it, which definitely puts a smile on my face. My bamboo has been growing straight up – not sure where they think they’re going, but oh well. . .

Anyway, can’t wait to get my boxes unboxed so I can get my flowers. I have the perfect spot picked out for them. I’ll see them on my way to the kitchen to get my much needed morning cuppa and when I walk in the front door of my apartment and if I’m sitting on my sofa watching the tube. But in the mean time I think this will suffice. It still puts a smile on my face.


The Weekly Smile is hosted by Trent over at Trent’s World (the Blog). Feel free to share and link up what made you smile this week.

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