[1] Weekly Smile

Trent over at Trent’s World (the Blog) has started something called the Weekly Smile. You know it’s been proven that when people smile at you you can’t help but get a warm fuzzy and smile back.

So, I think my weekly smile is pretty apropos.

Monday, I woke up with a pretty incredible pain in my lower left jaw. I immediately thought, “Oh crap a cavity!” Then as is my way I began to self diagnose. Can’t be a cavity because I was just at the dentist in November and I was cavity free. And there’s no way you can develop a cavity that causes that much pain in less than two months.

I continued with my diagnosis and thought maybe TMJ, but that too was ruled out at my last dental visit. Then I started thinking maybe it was my dental guard. After all I’ve had it since Methuselah was a baby. Yesterday the pain was so bad I couldn’t even bite down, so I took action and called the dentist.

He told me to bring in my dental guard, so he could take a look at it. Mind you I hate going to the dentist. Every visit is a traumatic experience and I need a Valium or two prior to going. My blood pressure spikes, my heart starts pounding, and I become a babbling idiot.


Well, I sit in the chair and the hygienists puts that silly paper bib on and reclines the chair, which in essence you are now trapped. If you’ve ever tried to sit up in that contraption it can not be done. There’s some kind of electro magnetic field that pulls you back down when you try.

Anyway, the dentist comes in and immediately reaches for that pick thingy and starts rootin’ around. “Does that hurt?” Of course it hurts fool, you’re poking me with a sharp object. “Well, I see where it’s a little swollen and not happy. Let’s take a look at your dental guard.” I hand it over and he gets a bit of a gleam in his eye. “Oh crap!” I thought. I’m going to have to shell out a few hundred dollars ($600 to be exact) to get a new one. Then he tells me, “It’s still in really good condition. You still have a lot of ware on it, but this part fits below your gum line, which is probably causing you the pain.”

Sigh of relief.

He shaved it down and refitted it and didn’t freakin’ charge me for the visit.

Holla. Big smiles!!!

2 thoughts on “[1] Weekly Smile

  1. Having worked at brushing my dogs’ and cats’ teeth and can say that the only thing I have found the separates humans from animals is that humans actually open their mouths when the dentist comes over to poke sharp objects in there. So the first 2/3 of your story was almost a cringe, but, hey!, great ending. I’d say that is definitely smile worthy! Thanks for participating 🙂


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