Day 12: Twelve Goals/Resolutions for 2016

Well, the 12 Days of Christmas has come to a close. I hope you’ve enjoyed my little lists these past two weeks. I know I’ve enjoyed writing them.

12 Goals/Resolutions for 2016

I’ve always hated the New Year’s Resolutions. My parents used to make my sister and me write them down and then when we didn’t honor them they would throw it back at us. When I was old enough to properly express myself, I told them exactly what I thought of them making us do that and how it felt when we didn’t stick to these ‘resolutions’. Like most parents mine passed on what they knew, which was for you to write down and stick to new year’s resolutions.

Anyway, I have since said what do I want to accomplish

in the new year? and reevaluate what I didn’t get done the previous year. Once I determine that, I sketch out a very lose plan. That way it allows me to see multiple avenues to accomplish the goal. I’ve also come to the conclusion that it’s okay if it doesn’t happen as long as I give it my best shot.

Personal Goals

  1. Pay off my all my debts, except for my student loan. The latter will happen if I hit the lottery or come into some kind of inheritance
  2. Purchase a home. I don’t like living stuck up next to anyone, so this is a necessity and in order to do that #1 has to happen
  3. Push my boundaries and try something new every month
  4. Reach my ideal weight. I don’t have very far to go. About 10 pounds
  5. Exercise regularly. Which will help me with #4
  6. Date. I haven’t been on a date in a while now. I’ve been pretty guarded since my last relationship ended and I think it’s time to start lowering my shields and get back out there.

Blogging Goals

  1. Become a more consistent blogger
  2. Develop better bloggy relationships by visiting and commenting more on other blogs
  3. World blogging domination
  4. Develop better blogging confidence. Over 350 posts and every time I think I’m ready to publish my nerves get the better of me.
  5. Publish a post no less than twice a week. This excludes the Monday Motivation and the Weekend Coffee Share posts
  6. Write at least one opinion post every other month. When I started this blog, in December 2013, its original purpose was to be an opinion blog; but it quickly changed and has never come close to being one. It will never be an opinion blog and nor do I want it to be

5 thoughts on “Day 12: Twelve Goals/Resolutions for 2016

      • I’m getting pretty close, it’s just that I think the phrase is funny 🙂 I know people use it a lot, but it still brings up pictures of, well, a cartoon super villain in his/her basement plotting world dominance.
        One thing I’ve wondered is how to get hits from places like North Korea. Perhaps write a political satire about them?

        Liked by 1 person

      • I was thinking about doing some satire pieces, but since I’m going to be stepping out of my comfort zone why not give it a whirl? Thanks for the idea. 🙂

        And yes that phrase does bring about that image and a smile. As a matter of fact I was thinking of Stewie Griffin, but I didn’t want to use that image again. He’s my favorite wanna be villain.

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