Day 10: Ten ‘Bad A$$’ (To Me) Things I’ve Ever Done

Well, the 12 Days of Christmas is winding down. I hope you’ve enjoyed some additional glimpses into the quirky world of Erica.

Day 10: Ten ‘Bad A$$’ (To Me) Things I’ve Ever Done

  1. Change a tire. Now I know this is a super practical skill that everyone should know how to do, and I had to dig deep in the recesses of my brain to remember what how to do this. The only reason I did it is because the auto club told me it was going to be over an hour and I had someplace I needed to be. But I did take it to the shop immediately to the shop immediately after my appointment to get a new tire. I did enquire within to make sure I put it on properly and (big cheese grin) I did!!
  2. Travel by myself. I really enjoy traveling, but I really hate traveling with others. I like to do what I want when I want and go where I want.
  3. Raft the Youghiogheny. I’m pretty proud of myself. A couple of years ago I did the hardest white water rafting trip I had ever done. The Yough (Yok) class V. I was a feeling a little cocky and thought woohoo, I can take on any class V now, which isn’t really true because the white water class rating are subjective.
  4. Become a mentor/tutor. I’ve mentioned this a bunch of times before, but this is so rewarding and I’m glad to see my mentee becoming more confident and excelling
  5. Drove across country. I didn’t do it by myself. My father and I drove from DC to Colorado. Exciting. Fun. Stressful
  6. Saw a sunset. This was great. In all my years I’ve never really watched the sunset. It’s calming and takes you to a simpler place.
  7. Shaved my head. I didn’t do this as rebellious period in my life or in support of anything or anyone. I did it because I wanted to. It was great, but growing it back sucked.
  8. Went skydiving. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m afraid of heights and I typically don’t agree with jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, but I did it to see if I really could. I mean it was tandem, so I had someone to go splat with or at least I’d break his fall.
  9. Rock climbing. I took up indoor rock climbing to help combat my fear of heights. It kind of did. I think the best therapy for that was when I climbed outdoors. Greater risk of bodily harm, which mad me a lot more careful and aware of my surroundings.
  10. Drove a race car. Actually, I didn’t drive a real race car. It was one of those things at an indoor raceway. Super exciting. Now to drive a real one and have my dream come true of becoming a stunt car driver. Yep yep.


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