Weekend Coffee Share – NaBloPoMo & Other Stuff

Welcome, welcome, welcome! 🙂 I hope ya’ll had a great week. If you’re participating in National Blog Posting Month congratulations on one week under your belt. I started of NaBloPoMo with a bang, but fizzled pretty quick.

Here’s a quick recap:

 20/20 Hines Sight 

I didn’t post on Thursday or Friday. Thursday’s are meant for me to share some of my favorite Ted Talks and sill me thought I had them bookmarked. Apparently not, so now I have to go back find them and hope I stay focused because Ted Talks is my Achilles heel.

The Ink Slinger

Well, I stalled pretty quickly here. I could have rearranged the stories I had already prepared for later in the challenge, but I didn’t because I was afraid I would have anything to write about later. Anyway, Day 3 was to pick your favorite sone and lyrics and write a story. I did and had the end and the middle put together, but not the beginning. I tried and tried, but nothing. I’ll have to show you my starts and fails sometime. I tried to skip Day 3, but it still haunted haunts me.

The Broken Spine

I knew I would have to adjust this schedule because there was no way I would be able to read a novella a day and write a blog post. I need a day or two to mull over what I’ve read, but then I can’t read to many books ahead because well let’s just say I confuse easily. When I was coming up with the schedule I didn’t factor in my weekly Bible Study class or tutoring, and those days are pretty much a bust  as it will take all my reserve energy to come home and get something to eat and halfway prepare for the next day.

  • Tuesday is Top Ten Tuesday
  • Wednesday is Wednesday’s Lyrics
  • Friday is The Friday 56
  • Monday, Thursday, Saturday I’ll post on the books I’ve read

Should be easy enough, right?

Decision. Christ.

I haven’t given up here, but I only made one post. When I went back to read the posts I had prewritten, I felt they didn’t reflect who I am as a Christian. Some of them sounded really sanctimonious and as I was reading it, I was hoping that wasn’t me because I didn’t like that person. There were others that sounded like the rantings of a mad woman.

In other news

I’ve been fighting with Verizon since May about getting a new phone versus them sending me a refurbished one and all of my hard work has finally paid off, but I’m telling you Verizon has left a pretty salty taste in my mouth. I didn’t want to upgrade my phone all I wanted was a new Samsung S5, but thanks to the best customer service rep I’ve had I’m getting a new S6. Thanks Rashad! 👍👏🙋❤️

Since moving to Colorado, I’ve encountered some interesting things. I think the government has been smoking a little bit too much wacky tobacky. I went to the library last Saturday and was a little perplexed as to why there was tent set up in the middle of the road and a few folks just chillaxin under that thar tent. Anybody who knows me knows that even with my glasses on I don’t see things to good, so I just chalked it up to my eyes deceiving me. As I got closer I clearly saw a sign that said Voter Dropoff. Ah, what?

Now I’m a little slow on the uptake and I didn’t put two and two together until someone drove up and dropped off their voting ballot. What the. . .? What happened to voting booths. You know you go in, pull the curtain behind you, insert your card, and get your sticker that says, “I Voted”?

Forgive my cynicism, but something about driving up and dropping off my ballot doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy, but then again neither does bureaucracy.

Well, my apologies, I’ve been doing a lot of talking.

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – NaBloPoMo & Other Stuff

  1. Yup, when I moved to Oregon I hated (and still do) the fact that there are not voting booths. We vote by mail here. So you have to have your ballot in the mail so they can receive it by election day or your ballot is counted last. I hate it.


    • Hi Corina, I don’t like voting by mail either. I had to do an absentee ballot once and I just wasn’t comfortable with it. It seems like there’s so much more room for error or ballot/voter tampering. Call me cynical, but I think it’s all a little hinkey.

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