A List of Some Stuff

Well, well, well. To add on to the already mounting pressure of NaBloPoMo on not one, not two, but four blogs, I also signed up for WordPress’ Blogging U: Writing 101. Yay. Actually, I forgot about it until I received the email Sunday night. Oh snapitty snap snap.

Anyway, I had a list post scheduled for later this week when I knew that I would be feeling the pressure/burn of the NaBloPoMo challenge. But I figured since day two of Writing 101 was to do a list I said what the heck.

5 Things I’ve learned

  1. I’m much stronger and more resilient than I thought I was 
  2. My mother admires
  3. I almost died twice as a baby
  4. You can’t fix people that don’t want your help
  5. Every relationship has its season

5 Things I like

  1. Pizza
  2. To get in my car and drive. No destination required
  3. Whitewater rafting
  4. Teaching/tutoring
  5. Sleeping in on the weekend

5 Things I wish

  1. That as soon as I finished my Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core another would appear
  2. I could go scuba diving (respiratory issues preclude me going)
  3. The few strands of gray hair I have weren’t so bloody unruly. I have one Alfalfa sprout that insists on sticky straight up
  4. A super badass library in my house. Like Library of Congress badass
  5. To have taken a writing class by Professor Maya Angelou

Bonus: I wish my upstairs neighbor would move out or better yet that I could find a house

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