Weekend Coffee Share ☕️

weekendcoffeeshareI hope everyone had a great weekend. Sorry we’re getting together so late. It’s been a pretty hectic day. I hope decaf coffee is okay or some tea or if you choose any other beverage of your choice. My choice today is red wine. So, please sit and let’s enjoy our time together.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you that last week I started tutoring with Whiz Kids tutoring. My little girls name is Deja and she I think she’s pretty smart. When I went in for the tutor training they told us that many of the kids have self-esteem issues and as she was filling out her survey I really noticed it.

Anyway, during homework time she was working on vocabulary – inserting the right word into the sentence. I was floored that she didn’t know what the meanings of the words were. I asked if here teacher defined the words and she said no. WTF!! Now I know how kids are, some of them will tell a tall tale in a heartbeat to protect themselves. But let’s say that the teacher didn’t provide the definitions of the words, how in the world can the kids be expected to insert the right word into the sentence? So, before we could put the words into the sentences we had to spend time defining them.

I have to say all in all the first night of tutoring went pretty well. And the highlight was when she told me that I was a really good tutor. HUZZAH!!!

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you that yesterday kind of on the spur of the moment applied for a seasonal job at Eddie Bauer. I used to work there part-time a couple of years and really enjoyed it. Tomorrow evening I go in for my interview, so I’ll let you know what happens.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you I haven’t felt much like blogging lately. I’ve been in a serious funk. There’s a bit too much negativity going on for me, especially at work and I can’t seem to shake it. Usually, I leave work at work, but for the past few months have been doing a pretty craptastic job at it. I’m working on it.

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share ☕️

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been having a “craptastic” time. Wow! What a way to put it! I love it. Things for me have been a bit rough as I’ve had a nasty lung infection and it’s been stressing me out. I just keep reminding myself to breathe. I think it’s helping. Hope you feel better soon xx Rowena


    • Hi Rowena, *craptastic* is my favorite nonword word. It encapsulates so much. I remember one time I was at the doctor and he asked me how I felt and I said pretty craptastic. He stopped cocked his head and said that’s a new one. Then he chuckled a bit and told me that I looked pretty craptastic. Thanks Doc.

      Lung infections are no bueno. I’ve had those in my day. Hopefully you get over it soon. It really sucks not being able to breathe.

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      • Thanks. It’s good sometimes to call it how it is instead of being “unbelievably good” all the time. I’ll show you how to feel craptastic instead!


    • It does suck when things are stressful and for no reason, but hopefully it’ll be over soon. I love teaching. I’ve always been teaching or training. I taught 9th grade for a bit and was a corporate trainer for a few years. It’s something I naturally gravitate to and it makes me feel really good to see people grow and that I was a part of it.

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