A List or Two

I’m participating in WordPress’ Writing 101 and taking a bit of time to catch up with the assignments. The Day 2 assignment was to write a list on: (1) Things I’ve learned or (2) Things I Like or (3) Things I wish . And since I’m an overachiever I did two out of three. Actually, I did all three, but the ‘things I’ve learned’ list is a little more personal for me to share at this time.

Things I Wish

  1. That we actually had politicians that cared for the people that elect them
  2. I wish I had a never ending supply of Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel ice cream. I’m so addicted 
  3. That we could open a dialog on race relations because if we don’t and soon we’re going to implode. And I don’t mean just black/white race relations.
  4. That the news wasn’t so sensationalized. I wish we actually got news instead of the watered down crap they call news.
  5. I wish I had a green thumb, but I don’t and I’ve come to terms with that
  6. I wish Ikea was closer. It’s like the Disney World of stores and who doesn’t lie Disney World?
  7. I wish I could go back in time and talk to some of the literary greats: Shakespeare, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Zora Neale Hurston, Charlotte Bronte, Mary Shelly, T.S. Eliot, Mark Twain, Sophocles, Aristophones, Joyce. This is a list that could go on and on.
  8. I wish I felt more comfortable with blogging. After all these years I’m still pretty afraid that ya’ll won’t like what I write
  9. I wish my upstairs neighbor wasn’t such an annoying and inconsiderate dick
  10. I wish I had an I Dream of Jenie Genie. Now that would be pretty sweet. Huzzah!

Things I Like

  1. God. I find calm and peace of mind when I’m in the word and the presence of God.
  2. White water rafting. This is more of a love than a like. It’s so exhilarating. I find that whenever I go I’m amped for hours after it.
  3. Camping. There’s something about spending the night under the stars. I especially love camping when it’s nice and cool at night. Beach camping is pretty sweet too.
  4. Creative Writing. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately, even though I haven’t been posting any of it. The reason being is that it’s much more personal and not stuff I’m quite ready to share. Maybe one day.
  5. Music. Practically anything
  6. Reading. I’m pretty open to almost any literary genre, but the one genre I don’t/won’t read is romance. Just not my cuppa tea. I get turned off from my preferred genre (mystery/crime/thriller) if the author throws in romance.
  7. Pizza. Pizza is perhaps the only food group that I can eat every day, all day. I say this as I’m seriously thing about ordering one for dinner. Favorites: Meat Lovers, Hawaiian, and Veggie
  8. My Apple products. I hate that I have to use a PC at work. It saddens me. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a Mac at my desk for a minute now.
  9. Sleep. Yeah not sure I need to go into detail on this.
  10. Coffee. Not necessarily Starbucks either. I mean let’s be truthful Starbucks is not the best coffee out there. They got us hooked because it’s freakin’ strong. Like grow hair on your chest strong.
  11. Breakfast food for dinner. Yepper. I will fix myself some pancakes or french toast, bacon/sausage, eggs, and or fried potatoes for dinner with a quickness. Also, cereal is a good go to for me.

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