Weekend Coffee Share – A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

I have to make this coffee share short as the Broncos/Ravens game is on and I have start dinner from scratch.

Last week was a whirlwind. I went home for Labor Day weekend so I could get my car. So, I’m going to give you a super run break down of how this played out.

  • I flew home to DC on Thursday and got home around midnight.
  • On Friday I had a mani/pedi with my nail favorite nail tech, had an opthalmology appointment (not such good news on that front), and visited with my grammy, which was a must do if I did nothing else.
  • Saturday my dad left at zero dark thirty and drove and drove and drove until we got to Jackson City, MO – about 14 hours
  • Sunday we left Jackson City around 9 am and pulled into my apartment complex about 8 pm.
  • Total drive time including time zone changes 25 hours.

So, let me back up just a wee little bit to Thursday. I get to the airport and get through security without a problem and I’m trying to destress before we begin boarding. I get a phone call and it’s my rental office. The management lady tells me that a parking space has become available and wants to know if I still want it.

Holla and Hell Yeah!!

On Monday I needed a bit away time from my dad because that drive, well was just entirely to much togetherness. At least for me. So, I went out and picked up this little ditty from Ikea.


This past week work wise was pretty hectic and it’s’ not quite over. As a result it was absolutely draining and it took every ounce of energy I had to pull myself into bed. I think I ate dinner a proper dinner once last week. Bowls of cereal and sandwiches were my friends.

When I went home I also had to pick up some pasta because the only thing I can find out here is Barilla and I don’t like Barilla. I’ve tried it. Cooked it according to the directions and it still sucks. So, I had to schlep some Mueller’s back.


Yep, count ’em 6 pounds of pasta

Last week I had to have words with Verizon and I have a feeling it’s not over yet. My first Samsung S5 worked perfectly fine up until the battery got so hot it fried my phone. I am now on my second replacement and it’s gotten so bad that the folks on the other end can barely hear me. And they made me an offer I guess I wasn’t suppose to refuse.

Verizon: “Congratulations, I got you approved for an early upgrade.”

Me: “Great! And my monthly payment is going to stay the same, right?”

Verizon: “No, it’s going to go up about $20 more per month.”

Me: “Well, ah no thanks. I still have over a year of my two-year contract and I don’t think I should have to penalized for faulty equipment.”

Verizon: “Well, you have to consider Verizon corporate . . . blah blah blah” (that’s where I tuned him out)

Me: “Ah, no that’s where you’re wrong. YOU have to consider customer satisfaction. And I’m not satisfied, so YOU need to figure out how to make me a satisfied customer.”

Verizon: Crickets.

I guess the next line of rebuttal wasn’t in the prewritten script. Oops. My bad.

Needless to say none of the troubleshooting solutions they gave me worked and the battle is going to resume Monday. I don’t want an upgrade. I want a new in the box Samsung S5 not a refurbished one. That in my opinion is not to much to ask.

On that note and I must go and catch the rest of the game. The Ravens are up for now 13-9, but as we know in football land anything can change at the blink of an eye.

Let’s go Ravens!! Let’s go Ravens!!


And just as I inserted my Ravens pic the Broncos scored 13-16. WTF. In the blink of an eye, I tell you. In the blink of an eye.

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6 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That

  1. So, as I assume you were sitting in Denver when you wrote this, did you have to lock the door when you rooted for the Ravens? 😉 I’ve done the drive from Ohio to Colorado. Yeah, a bit to much time in the car…


    • Yes, I was in Denver and yes I had my door closed and locked. But the game wasn’t that great and I got bored a few times, so I wasn’t watching it very intently. When I went to Ohio for my uncle’s, I tried to get my parents to drive my car yo Ohio and I would drive there, and then we’d switch off but my parents said no. In hinds sight that was a good thing.

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  2. What a week! Congrats on getting through such a ridiculously long drive with your relationship with your dad still intact. I’ve vowed never to go on a car trip with mine again after a really horrible drive several years ago. Best for both of us. lol Nothing like a car trip to test relationships.


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