My Self-Confidence Has Betrayed Me

As of late I’ve not been heeding my own advice and my self-confidence has betrayed me. Recently, I made a post regarding a coworker who’s not talking to me for whatever reason.

I haven’t figured it out yet, but for some reason I’m letting her live rent free in my head.

On Monday, I made a Monday Motivation post and #2 of the 7 Lovely Logics states: “What others Think of you is None of your Business”.  I’ve been wondering what she thinks of me and why, which is definitely out of my norm. I’ve chalked some of it up to being hormonal and another part to not having a real social circle which would keep my mind off of this shenanigans.

I know one reason why it’s still on my mind is because it’s just absolutely absurd and petty that she would want me to feel I was wrong by asking for a simple professional courtesy. And I keep thinking the audacity of her to try and turn the tables. I know I’m right and I will not back down from the right to be respected and be given the same professional courtesy that I have extended to her.

I need to get it together and make sure this the last time I allow her to hold any power over me. I know I am better than this petty bullcrap and I shouldn’t allow her problem with me to become my problem.

So, now I guess I have to put on my big girl pants and do what I do best and say, ‘F- you and the horse you rode in on!’

4 thoughts on “My Self-Confidence Has Betrayed Me

  1. I never quite agreed with that saying. I think anything that has to do with you IS your business, it’s just how you respond to it that counts. I teach children that they can’t control how others think and feel, but they can control how they think and feel. To me, that is the more important lesson to learn! But, I am an older person who thinks she knows it!


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