Weekend Coffee Share


If we were having coffee, I’d say thank you for joining me at my new weekend coffee spot. I’d also tell you that today is on me, so pick your poison and a pastry if you dare.

As I sit here thinking about the events of this past week, I can honestly say it was pretty uneventful. Boring actually, if that’s possible. 

How was your week? I hope it was pretty calm and if it was exciting, I hope it was riddled with fun.

Since I’ve been in Denver, I’ve been looking for a church home and so far have been unsuccessful. On Thursday I spoke with a pastor of a church that’s only four blocks from my apartment. I’ve been eyeing it since moving here, but. . . 

Anyway, I got a bit of a warm fuzzy talking to him, so I think I’ll visit on Sunday.

Cried at M*A*S*H*’s “Oh How We Danced.” Curse these infernal hormones. 

I mailed out my Christmas in July gift and my recipient should receive it on Monday or Tuesday. I’m really excited and nervous. I hope they like it. 🙂 Thanks Nerd in Brain for putting this together.

I was inspired by Part-Time Monster to go ahead and step out of my comfort zone and change my theme (kinda sort of, maybe not). It’s been on my mind for a while, but since I’ve been in kind of a blogging rut I kept putting it off. And to be perfectly honest I had been thinking about giving up blogging. But, I will save that for another discussion.

Anyway, let me know what you think of the change. It’s still the same ole comfy shoe with a bit shoe polish. I’m still playing around with themes, so a new one may pop up

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been testing out a new blogging schedule. The schedule incorporates my short story blog, book blog, and this one. 

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
20/20 Hines Sight Monday Motivation Anything Goes
Breaking Taboo (?)
A to Z Thursday Friday Fiction  Weekend Coffee Share
The Broken Spine Top Ten Tuesday Wednesday’s Lyrics The Friday 56 Book Review (2nd & 4th)
A Short A Day Weekend Warrior Writing  Twitter Fiction Tuesday Free Writing Thursday Friday Fictioneers

Looks like a lot? It is and it isn’t (I think). It will require a lot of planning, prewriting, and scheduling of posts. My social life is picking up, so I might have to adjust.

I haven’t quite decided if Breaking Taboo is going to be a monthly or quarterly feature or if I’m going to do it all.

Oh my, look at the time. I’ve been going on and on and I thank you for indulging me in this me time. I hope you enjoyed yourself, I know I enjoyed your company and look forward to our next get together. I promise not to monopolize the conversation next time.

If you feel so inclined and I hope you do. Don’t forget to join the coffee link up at Part Time Monster and share it on Twitter by using #WeekendCoffeeShare.


7 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

      • I wouldn’t say A LOT of reworking, but I’m gearing up for the fall and trying to fit in new features while allowing for the usual content. It’s tough because I’m not exactly sure how much time I’ll have and what to do with my blog space.


    • Hi eclecticalli, thanks for stopping by. I didn’t realize it would be so difficult and although the folks at this church are very friendly, I’m not sure its for me. I’ll have to give it another time or two.


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