If We Were Having Coffee


If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you the past couple of weeks were rather hectic. If it wasn’t one thing it was another – good, bad, and other.

I’d tell you I’m finally making progress on getting my car out here. I have the title and insurance, now I need to get my tags and find a shipping company that’s not going to charge me two arms and two legs and want my first born.

My name is coming up quickly on the list for my building’s parking lot. Although I like Zip Car it’s getting a bit expensive and I’d feel more comfortable driving my own rattle trap around. I found out that I can get a parking permit for my neighborhood, so I kinda sorta don’t need to pay for parking – that is if I don’t mind risking coming back and circling the block like a vulture to find a parking spot. Ah six and one half dozen of the other.

I went in for my physical n Monday and my doctor said she was disappointed she didn’t find anything wrong with me. However, she did tell me that I must increase my physical activity because apparently the five minute walk to the bus stop doesn’t count.


She also gave me homework. I have to keep an exercise and food journal for the next six months. Well, it’s been a week and I have say it’s not going to well. I have lost five pounds though since I moved to Denver.

Oh, and she wants me to cut back on the coffee. Yeah. Right. No.

I have finally recovered from having my wisdom teeth removed to only find a cracked fractured tooth, which is nowhere near my wisdom teeth. Luckily, all it needed was a little super glue – at least that’s what I call it. It appeared to be a surface crack and nowhere near the nerve, so super glue it was.

I got kicked out of a Meetup group on Tuesday because the group leader said I RSVP’d to several meet ups and didn’t show. Bollocks! Not sure how that’s possible when I signed up for the group not even a month ago and they have meet ups twice a month, so I say to you do the math. But who the hell cares? I’m starting my own creative writing critique group. So,watch out there now.

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