Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you that I didn’t finish the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year. 😢 I thought I could, but blogging was not primary and perhaps not even tertiary. With moving, trying to get settled and starting a new job the A to Z Challenge didn’t fall at a particular good time for me. So, I figured I’d do my own A to Z Challenge later.

Thankfully my mom came out to help me and she is definitely a task master. I have to say that with her help and a lot of instruction I’m pretty much settled. There are a few things I still need – a potato masher, baster, hand mixer, chopper. I’m a bit of a lazy cook.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you that I had two firsts this week. I don’t like to cook, but I’ve kinda grown accustomed to eating; so cook I must. This week I fixed my first beef stew and oven roasted beer can chicken with the telephone guidance of dear ole mum. And if I must toot my own horn they were delicious. Toot toot.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you how much it sickens and angers me that Baltimore has been turned upside down by the Freddie Gray events. There is a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr., “A riot is the language of the unheard.” I don’t claim to know and or even understand the trials and tribulations of the inner city, but what I can say is that I don’t believe that rioting is the way to be heard. What I do know is that we need to teach our young people who there are better and more positive ways to make your voice heard.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d say, I’m not a fan of corporal punishment, but I applaud Toya Graham for taking back her son; and I wish more parents would stop trying to be their child’s friend and parent. I remember when I was a teenager my mother said to me, “I don’t have time to be your friend.” I didn’t understand what she meant at that time and now that I’m older I get it. One of my girlfriends mother told her, she didn’t care if she liked her and that her job as a parent was to make sure she became a productive member of society, and they could be friends later. And well I think we turned it pretty good.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you that people’s ignorance never cease to amaze me. I usually don’t talk about things like race, religion and the like in the workplace, but since we continually have CNN on and people are always talking about something they heard on CNN it’s inevitable that one would get drawn in to talking about these things.

There are two ladies that are pretty much unsympathetic to Freddie Gray’s death because of his past. I get it, but the bottom line is someone lost his life at the hands of the police. And that’s not okay, irrespective of his past or present. However, that’s not where I got drawn into the conversation. It happened when one of the ladies made a blanket statement about how they’re all on welfare. I chimed in and asked if she thought that everyone that was poor, living below the poverty line, is on welfare and didn’t work, and to my amazement she said yes. I have to give her her props for being honest.  I won’t go into what I said, but I did tell her that before she makes a blanket statement about folks perhaps she should fact check first and then draw a more informed conclusion.

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you I soooo miss not going to church. Since I moved I haven’t had an opportunity to go and visit churches. Last week I did and I was so disheartened because I expected more from the oldest African-American church “this side of the Mississippi”. There are a few other churches on my list and I hope that one meets my needs. It’s just not the same streaming service.

So, if anyone knows of or attends a Baptist or Non-Denominational church in Denver or Denver proper let me know. Thanks in advance. 😄

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. I am on the A to Z Road Trip. I know you didn’t get to finish but sometimes REAL life just gets in the way. I want to try that beer can chicken. I watched a couple of You Tube videos on it…….


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