If We Were Having Coffee . . .

Well, hello00 and welcome back. I hope you all had a fantabulous week!

If we were having coffee . . .

I’d tell you my bed, bike roller blades, yoga mat, climbing gear, and 32 boxes arrived safe and sound this past Sunday and I have to admit when the guys put my bed together I could barely contain myself. No more counting Serta sheep because well, I had the pleasure of sleeping on my Serta.

If we were having coffee . . .

I’d tell you I have two new loves. The first is my electric blanket, which I bought because I was having some heating issues. The second is Zipcar. I decided not to schlep my 13 year-old car across country and I doubt I’ll have it shipped, so I signed up for a Zipcar membership. Love It! The public transport system is pretty good here. It’s not like DC’s, but Denver’s system is still pretty good. And I still hate taking the the bus. I don’t have enough bus pants.

If we were having coffee . . .

I’d tell you that I plan to be back to my blogging and commenting schedule in a couple of weeks. I miss checking out your blogs and having our virtual conversations.

If we were having coffee . . .

I’d tell you here is my complaint of the week. My upstairs neighbor is possibly the rudest and most annoying human being I have had the pleasure of  not coming in physical contact with. I had to lodge a complaint because for some reason he/she thought it was okay to vacuum at 4:30 in the morning on a weekday. Not that vacuuming at 4:30 am on the weekend is okay, but a weekday? He/she walks around like they have cement boots on. Stomp, stomp, stomp. And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I could go on, but I’ll spare you my whining.

If we were having coffee . . .

I’d ask how your week went. Don’t get me wrong I love to talk to talk about me, myself, and I, but I rather enjoy being quiet and listening to what others have to say. So, feel free to tell me how your week went.

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11 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee . . .

  1. Well I’m glad your stuff came and happier still that you’re not counting Serta sheep anymore (your posts are soooo funny – LOLOL). And what would life be without that really annoying neighbour? We’ve all had them (mine loves to do major construction work which involves jack hammering from very early until very late – but that’s another story) and lived to tell others the tales so hang in there. Good luck with the bus pants – and don’t forget to include pics with that post 😀


  2. My week was brutally cold, and on top of that I got a cold — the first for me in over a decade! I never did catch a nap, but I was able to lie around plenty, so that helped. Also, I ate tons of fruits and veggies and drank a tanker of herbal tea! lol
    The weekend brought warmer temps and piles of snow, so I was awfully glad to romp around in that without the sore nose 🙂
    — Please tell me, are “bus pants” those which one does not care about, so it’s okay if they get bus gunk on them? If so, I don’t have enough bus pants, either!


    • I’m impressed that you haven’t had a cold in over a decade. What’s your secret? Glad your feeling better. Did you make any snow angels?

      Bus pants can be pants you don’t care about. It’s just an added level of protection against the gross bus seats. Sometimes I feel like I need full on HAZMAT gear. The folks that get on the bus or take public transport can be so disgusting.


      • Mercy. (About the bus pants)

        I don’t think I have a secret. I taught for several years, and I think I was sick 98% of the time, which exposed me to so many germs, I just didn’t get colds for a long time. I got other kindsa sick, just not colds.

        I DID make snow angels 😀


  3. Oh, I had an upstairs neighbor who would vacuum everyday at all times. What person with no kids needs to vacuum several times a day. She’d also was an aggressive vacuumer because she’d bang the fire out of the wall whilst sucking. She also did ‘Walk Away the Pounds”- I know because she bragged about it. I wouldn’t care if she did it (6am-10pm)- a girl’s gotta walk, but that woman did it in the middle of the night when she couldn’t sleep. She was mean to the complex kids too. And they were surprisingly good/sweet kids.

    I hated her. Her lease wasn’t renewed because she apparently was a too verbally and physically aggressive towards the management team.


      • I agree 1 billion percent. I didn’t have to suffer her but a few months.

        Also, I won’t wear skirts or dresses on any public transport. The idea that my leg may accidentally touch the seat creeps me out.


  4. Good luck finishing the move—glad they helped you get the bed together! We had movers come and help us unload our truck when we got to NOLA, and they put the furniture together, and it was soooo nice not to have to put beds together so that we could sleep after such a long day. 🙂


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