If We Were Having Coffee . . .

If we were having coffee. . .

I’d tell you that the past four weeks have been really overwhelming. And my head is still spinning.

I’d also tell you that it would be had for me to tell you everything in one sitting, so I’ll sum up.

A little over 4 weeks ago my Office Administrator and I were having a conversation about what 2015 would hold for us. She wants to move back to Atlanta and I told her that I was more than ready to head to Denver (which she’s known for a while now). Anyway, she did some digging and found that our Denver office ย was looking for a legal assistant. She reached out, I sent my resume, had an interview and got offered the position, and was told my start date was Feb 2. Two weeks.


I found my place on line. Signed the lease, sight unseen. The property manager was concerned that I wouldn’t like it, but I really do. It’s small, but it’s just me and my creature comforts.

Right now I’m sleeping on my sister’s air mattress. It’s comfortable, but it’s not my bed and I can’t say that I’ve had a really good nights sleep.



Supposedly, my bed and clothes and stuff will be delivered tomorrow. WooHoo!! Hale-freakin’-lujah!!!

Right now I’m kind of living out of duffle bag and a suitcase since I’ve just been either too busy or too lazy to take the time and hang up the things that need to be hung up.

Thank goodness my sister and dad came out the first couple of days I was here because I was able to get my life together before starting at my new office (4 days).

My first Denver snow came as a surprise. When my sister, father, and I turned in for the night there was no mention of snow, but when we woke up Sunday morning there was snow and . . .


What you don’t see is that he has a cigarette, a chicken wing for a nose, beer bottle caps for eyes, and pizza boxes for ears. It was great.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve done a lot of exploring and gotten lost a good bit too.


Colorado State Capitol just about a 15 minute walk from my building.

Oh yeah. The only creature comfort I brought with me.


In case you can’t tell that’s Grover from the Muppets and that’s another story all together. Just know that he has been with me for a long long long time.

Well, anyway till next time. I hope you enjoyed our conversation.

And don’t forget to join the conversation. You can link up at Part Time Monster’s Weekend Coffee Share



12 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee . . .

  1. What a brave and exciting move! I’m sure you’d feel more at home once your stuff (bed) arrives. Can’t wait for an update next week. Congrats by the way. So cool you made Denver happen.


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