Oh Hiatus

It’s been a week to the day since I accepted a job in Denver, Co and in exactly one week I will be on a plane to start what I hope to be a fun and exciting new chapter in my life. Everything is happening pretty fast. I found my apartment and signed the rental agreement going only on the website pictures and Google maps.

And I admit this past week I’ve been having a love affair with the Google maps man. My Google maps man has taken me to some areas that people don’t need to tell me to stay away from as well as some places that look really fun and funky.me          heart          google man

My apartment is in the Capitol Hill area and in walking distance to work, a Whole Foods and apparently some really good donut shops and a pretty rockin Pho restaurant. Holla. What else does one need?

Anyway, with working, packing and finalizing all the little details I don’t have time right now to blog, so I’m taking a little break. As a matter of fact as I’m typing this post, I’m finalizing a moving company. I hope to be back on the blogging trail around the 8th or 9th of February.

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