Is it really. . . Could it be. . . SNOW

Today was our first snow of the season and of course of the year. I’m definitely not interested in another snowmageddon, but I want one good snow.

Could this be the predecessor to a proper snow? Ah one could hope.


6 thoughts on “Is it really. . . Could it be. . . SNOW

  1. We have a few feet of it on our lawn right now which isn’t that bad.
    But it’s the cold spell we just entered that really sucks. Night-time lows into the high minus 20’s Celsius. Forecast high of minus 14 for tomorrow. You should come check it out some time 😀


    • I have never been to Canada, but there are several places on Visit Canada Bucket List. I love the snow as long as I can get out and go somewhere. If I’m cooped up in the house it’s not fun.

      When I do visit, I’ll be sure to ask you the best places to stay and off the tourist path things to do.

      I was supposed to go to Australia this year but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, so perhaps I’ll replace it with a visit to Canada. Hmm….

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