Week 1 – Norm 2.0

Choosing a blog to feature for the first 52 Weeks/52 Blogs was much harder than I thought it was going to be. There are so many good bloggers out, but I finally decided on Norm 2.0. I’ve been quietly stalking his blog for a couple of weeks and every time I tune in there is something else that makes me enjoy it even more. A photo or a witty post.

I first came across his blog during the #SundayBlogShare when he shared his post: When Your Inner Child Comes Calling – A Visit to The Pez Factory! His writing style pulled me in from the beginning. I could visualize

both the little kid and the romantic in me were jumping up and down on the car seat screaming, Oh Pleeeeeease? I wanna, I wanna, I wanna!

After all don’t all adults act like this when a pleasant childhood memory like Pez dispensers comes up? Well, if you’re too proud to admit it, I’m not and thank goodness neither is Norm.

Here are a few other posts I’ve enjoyed.

I’m still exploring Norm 2.0 and having fun doing it. Go ahead and check him out.

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