My Happy Playlist

I’m sick AGAIN and it’s the third time in as many months. This is the first time I’ve really been on the computer since I’ve been sick – almost a week.

Anyway, I’m catching up with responses from folks that volunteered to be interviewed for WordPress’ Writing 201. Hopefully, I will be caught up with this task by the weekend, since I’m at home trying to get rid of whatever has taken up residence in body.

And, since I don’t feel very happy or joyful right now, I headed over to BlogHer because all of their prompts are about Joy. I figured thinking about something joyous would help to pick my spirits up. The prompt for the 5th was:

What is on your happy playlist?

Here are a few of my favorite movies along with a favorite scene.

  1. A Christmas Story.

  2. Scrooge w/ Alastair Sim

  3. Elf

  4. West Side Story

  5. The Sound of Music

  6. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

7 thoughts on “My Happy Playlist

    • You’re absolutely right, but I love, love, love the singing and dancing. Puts a smile on my face every time. There’s something about gang members that break out into a song and dance rumble that just makes me smile. But the story line is pretty sad.

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