NaBloPoMo, Day 21 – I’m Grateful for . . .

Lemon Bars 


Whenever we have a lunch catered from Roti we always make sure to get the lemon bars. I love, love, love lemon bars. However, lately they haven’t been tasting so great. I tried another restaurants lemon bar and it tasted like cold lemon flavored wax. Not good at all.

So, I’m going to make my own. Muahahaha! 😈

My friends and family know I don’t like to cook. I avoid the oven and the stove as if they were the bubonic plague. Don’t get me wrong, I do cook (and I’m pretty good at it) when absolutely necessary — probably about three times a week, four max. And I do it begrudgingly. I usually do 30 minute or less meals. The quicker I get out of the kitchen the better.

Perhaps this is why I’m still single.

Anyway back to the lemon bars. I’m not sure when my first that lemony goodness swept across my tongue, I knew it going to be a guilty pleasure.

I found a recipe at and at Food Network and they’re pretty much the same.

If you’ve a lemon bars recipe that’s not a family secret, let me know. Maybe I’ll try yours.


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo, Day 21 – I’m Grateful for . . .

  1. I love lemon bars, but I can’t make them. I love eating, and I love to cook so I enjoy watching cooking shows on TV. If I do come across a yummy and easy to follow recipe for lemon bars, I’ll pass it on to you. Happy Thanksgiving!


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