NaBloPoMo, Day 13 – Why I HATE Riding Metro

I don’t use the word HATE very often but when I do, it has to pretty serious.

  1. The people who don’t cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze
  2. It’s to DAMN expensive
  3. It’s a cesspool of germs and bacteria. I’m pretty sure if the CDC did a few swabs even they’d be surprised at what they find.
  4. My new favorite is how WMATA took the blue line out of service on Veterans Day. I’m sorry unlike the Federal Government, I along with hundreds of other people had to work that day. And being packed in a fucking sardine can right off the bat is not my idea of fun times. The least you – WMATA – could have done was run the Silver line on a rush hour schedule instead of every 12 minutes. What dumbass thought of this? Personally I think all the folks that came up with this genius idea should be fired. Yep the folks on the blue line got screwed again.
  5. The people who ride Metro when they’re sick. I understand you hate your coworkers and want to take them out, but don’t take it out on the rest of us unsuspecting victims. Drive to work or better yet carpool with a coworker. You’ll put them out of the misery a lot faster.
  6. It’s a 50/50 crap shoot that you’ll make it to your final destination on time
  7. The incessant weekend track work. Do other subway systems have track work EVERY weekend?
  8. It only runs every 20 minutes on the weekend. So, with the track work and the fact it runs every 20 minutes if you want to get somewhere fast — DRIVE.
  9. Customer Service. Grumpy cat has multiplied, evolved as it now walks on two legs, and talks
  10. The elevator and escalator outages. I can’t tell the number of times I’ve had to climb the stairway to heaven, and well to my shagrin I’m not.
  11. It’s FUCKING expensive. I know I said this earlier but it deserves another mention. Let me break it down haw ridiculously expensive it is.
    • It costs me $4.65 to get to work and another $4.65 to get home. That’s $9.30 per day just to ride the train
    • It costs me $5.10 to get my car out of hoc the metro parking lot
    • So, per day it costs me $14.40
    • Now let’s multiply that daily trip by 25 days because that’s how many days I travel back and forth to work a month. $14.40 x 25 = drum roll please $288 per month. That’s a car note.
  12. The people. I’m sorry I’m back on the people that ride metro, but my goodness there are some nasty ass people that ride the train. So, I HATE the people that pick their nose and leave their sticky boogers on the poles and the handrails that other people hold on to. I’ve seen this egregious act take place. One girl actually rolled it between her fingers before depositing said boogey on the pole. Not to mention I’ve been the victim of someone’s nose gift.

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo, Day 13 – Why I HATE Riding Metro

    • That is what I say every day. I swear there are days I need to wear a biohazard suit. A friend of mine called me a snob because I don’t ride the bus. That’s worse than the train. And on top of that I don’t own bus pants.


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