3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation – Fear

    • That’s interesting that you don’t consider fear motivating. I and lots of my friends find our fears very motivating. I’m afraid of heights and that fear motivates me to rock climb, sky dive, climb a ladder, fly, etc. I’m afraid of public speaking and that fear has me take every opportunity I can to speak publicly.

      I guess it’s all how you view it. If someone is paralyzed by their fears than I guess this Monday Motivation wouldn’t be very motivating. But I do find that fear is a great lier. It tells you you can’t do something when in reality when you stare it down you certainly can do it and much much more.


      • You made some good points. I don’t like heights either, but it just keeps me off the roof, it doesn’t stop me from flying. Sky diving – well forget that. Not even vaguely interested and if I had to go on the roof I would.
        Public speaking, not many people enjoy it, but It can be exhilarating. Maybe I don’t let fear stop me. It can also motivate me to challenge it. So perhaps fear is a motivator after all.


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