10 Random Things About Me

  1. Contrary to what people see, I’m actually an introvert. I present very extraverted, but I’d much rather be somewhere off in a corner by myself
  2. I still buy coloring books and crayons – for myself
  3. I got my first cavity when I was 30 something and accused the dentist of wanting to make money off me. As a result, I went for a second opinion
  4. I broke my first bone when I was 30 something. My right leg in two places. Since then I’ve broken a right toe, my right wrist, and two fingers on my right hand.
  5. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was in preschool
  6. I’m still afraid of the dark and sleep with a nightlight
  7. I won my first short story writing contest in 2nd grade
  8. I don’t like the beach. Weird. I know, but I don’t like sand ergo, I don’t like the beach
  9. My longest relationship was 7 years. He wasn’t the love of my life, but he’s still my friend.
  10. I’m ready to settle down and get married

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