My Hometown – Sort of . . .

Today is supposed to be a My Hometown post, but I didn’t feel like going out and dealing with the deluge of tourists around the city. So, I thought I’d go back into my photos and share a few of my favorites. Enjoy! 🙂

A few friends doing it Via Ferrata style



These pictures were taken at Brookside Gardens
20140614_134914 20140614_134338 20140614_135255
The monument and a bit of DC taken at the W Hotel rooftop lounge


3 thoughts on “My Hometown – Sort of . . .

  1. Lovely pictures. It is raining here in Ontario, Canada. I hope the weather is better there. Managed to hang the clothes out on the line (in the rain). They will be there for a day or two until the weather improves.


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