Guest Post – My Hometown – Fresno, CA

Well what can I say I live directly in the middle of the state of California good old Fresno or what some refer to as the pit or armpit of the state depending on the mood you are in that day about living here.  I have lived here the better part of almost four decades.  I was raised here, left for a bit as a young adult and then came back because it was familiar and and everyone I knew was here.


You know as kid you never really think much about where you live because hey there are much better things going on then the boring adult thoughts of where you live and why you live there.  It’s a fairly large city with half a million people roaming around at any given moment and because there is such a big agriculture presence here there is also a lot of diversity, we are primarily Hispanic and White but we also have a large African-American, Asian and Hmong culture too.  People are of all different colors, languages, styles, and ghetto status here.  It’s like if Los Angeles were to have a baby that would be Fresno.

Being that it is a valley it is sunken down a bit and with that we get all the bad air crap and little of the wind and rain to clear it out.  Seasons consist of chilly foggy winters, very short spring and fall, and triple digit burn your lungs kind of summers (think 112 on a typical day).  The air has become such that most people have asthma, kids have to stay in from recess on “bad air” days, and the environment takes on a lovely shade of dirty beige.


My hometown also has all the comforts of a big city as well……random helicopters flying over neighborhoods searching for criminals, overcrowded roadways, homeless people on most corners, plenty of lights and noise, sub par schools, random acts of crime, high unemployment, several Wal-Marts and Targets, lots of places to eat and a few shopping malls.


On the up side it is quite economically friendly to live here which is why I think it attracts so many people not to mention with this location we are only 2-3 hours away from the beaches, mountains and the Southern CA area.  We are also pretty devoid of Mother Nature’s temper tantrums here.  We do not get heavy storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow or even earthquakes unless there is a HUGE one nearby.

As I’ve gotten older it has become more clear what a super treat it is to reside here what with the high crime, skin-melting summer weather, lack of job opportunities, and stellar air quality……I mean I’d really just have a hard time removing myself from this glamorous city lifestyle and all but I’m open to trying on a new hometown for size to see how it fits.

If you’re ever in the middle of California stop on by the central valley and pass on through quickly just don’t do it in the summer 🙂


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