Help End the Rape Kit Backlog

This was a story I heard about a month or so ago and I was absolutely astonished and horrified by the numbers.

This could be your story, your mother’s, sister’s, brother’s, your daughter’s, your son’s, or anyone’s story:

Natasha Alexenko was a 19-year-old college student from Ontario when she was raped and sodomized at gunpoint in the hallway of her Manhattan apartment building in 1993. She immediately reported the assault to police and went to a hospital, where authorities collected physical evidence, including DNA samples.

Her rape kit sat on a shelf in an evidence room for nearly a decade, while her rapist went on to rape for 9 years before being caught. He is now serving time and eligible for parole in 2057.

Had Natasha’s rape kit been tested others may have been spared.

There is a backlog of processing rape kits. Not like a few weeks or even a few months. There are rape kits that are sitting on evidence room shelves that haven’t even made it to the crime lab for testing.

How many?

Approximately 400,000.

That is completely 100% unacceptable.


The cost. Bullshit!!!

It costs about $500-$1500 to process the rape kit.

Just think there is a rapist out there who has raped someone; and you, your daughter, another loved one could fall prey to this scumbag because the rape kit has gone untested.

You can watch the news report and read the report by clicking HERE.

To find out how you can get involved click HERE.

I urge you to get involved to get these kits tested. No one should have to fall prey to rape. If processing a rape kit can get a rapist off the street and keep them from violating another it must be done.


5 thoughts on “Help End the Rape Kit Backlog

  1. WHAT?! This is utterly ridiculous. I’ve been there, and if they had of done that to me I WOULD HAVE GONE CRAZY! (and not the crazy that everyone knows me as either :-D)
    Seriously though, it’s really sad!


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