Friday Fiction: Powerful

Today’s Friday Fiction is a Flash! Friday prompt.

The Sea Horse. Photo and sculpture by Jeffro Uitto; used by permission.

The Sea Horse. Photo and sculpture by Jeffro Uitto; used by permission.

This is all Jess has left of her husband, father, and brother, her boys as she called them.

They worked on the sculpture of her favorite childhood horse for nearly a year. Her father would inevitably find something wrong with it. And in the beginning Alex, Jess’s husband, never saw the problem.

“It’s gotta be perfect,” her father would say. “A horse is powerful. Lots of muscle. Lots of power. And this has to reflect that

When the day finally arrived for the unveiling, her father gave a speech about how they wanted to give her something to remember them by.

Her brother, Jordon died of leukemia two months later. A year later her father passed away quietly in his sleep. Two years ago Alex went missing in Afghanistan and is presumed dead.

From time-to-time she mounts that perfect wooden sculpture and feels their power pulse through her, which she says gives her the power to live another day.

Word Count:157

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