Day 22: V is for Victory

In just a few short days the Blogging A to Z Challenge will be over. I’ve come across quite a few blogs that I’ve enjoyed, but as much as I want to there is no way to make around to everyone. Anyway on to letter of the day, which is ‘V’.

My friends and family know that I am a huge Family Guy fan and that Stewie is my favorite character. Not really sure what that says about me. When I sat down to write today’s Friday Fiction, “Victory is Mine” kept popping in my head. The way Stewie says it. And I kept smiling and laughing quietly to myself and smirking. I’m pretty sure the folks in the dentist’s office may have thought I was a few bottle caps short. After all people don’t chuckle before going back to the torture chamber. see the dentist. Right? 😈


One thought on “Day 22: V is for Victory

  1. I completely understand this post. This is my first year doing this challenge and I’ve done it all. Victory is Mine as well and it feels so good! What an accomplishment, right? Congrats to you for finishing!! 😀


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