Twitter Rant

It’s bad enough I hate social media (Facebook, Twitter, and the like), but when I’m trying to do something, i.e. send a damn tweet and I’m being told I can’t because someone isn’t following me and they are, I have a problem with that.

Then when I take out the hashtag and @ sign and try again you, Twitter, still tell me I cannot send tweet for the same damn reason. I even go so far as to retype and take the link. So no link, no hashtags, no @ sign and I still can’t send a tweet, but if I type “Test” you want to send that.

What the hell are you doing?


11 thoughts on “Twitter Rant

  1. I signed up for twitter but did not follow through. Social networking is so hard to keep up with and I feel like I do good to keep up with two blogs, two facebook pages, two pinterest accounts, 3 google + accounts and 3 emails. Do you ever feel like your time is consumed by these things?


    • Wow Sonya, seems like the magic number is 12. I have four blogs and have a FB page, Twitter, and email. Two are inactive right now, but I plan on bringing them back to life after the A to Z Challenge. Then there is my personal email and FB. Once I bring the other two blogs back to life I’m thinking about consolidating, but not sure how yet, since they’re all different.

      And sometimes I do feel as though I spend more time checking in on those things than anthing else.


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