The KFC Drumstic Corsage.

This is one of those times that I feel like I’m in the wrong profession. Who in the hell comes up with this stuff and who approves it?

KFC has come up with a chicken corsage. Guys you can get your prom date a Drumstick Corsage, either original receipe or extra crispy or grilled chicken.

Um. Ah. Yeah. Okay.

First I thought this was a joke and still kinda do. It’s just so ridiculous that it can’t possibly be true, right? But as we all know truth is stranger than fiction.

I don’t know of too many girls that want to walk around with a piece of chicken strapped to their wrist. I know I don’t and if this shennanigans was out when I went to prom my date still would had to have taken me to dinner or he would have been out a drumstick and a date.

I can’t believe people actually sat in a room and said, “Ooh let’s have a drumstick wrist corasage for prom goers.” and someone else said, “brilliant idea.”

Sorry, but I’m not having part of an entree tethered to my wrist.

Another thought. The bugs that are going to be chasing me around with that blasted fried carcass on my wrist. This is not going to end well.

7 thoughts on “The KFC Drumstic Corsage.

  1. “It’s original recipe”
    “It’s wonderful”
    I cracked at that part! Hahaha. Funniest KFC commercial ever. I thought it was a joke too until you said it actually isn’t (I watched the video before reading your post). The commercial is funny, but I don’t think people would buy it.


    • Now that’s my kind if parental manipulation. So, basically this idea came about because some parents found a way to ward off the creep without having their daughter scream and say they’re trying to ruin her life. Ingenious.


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