Day 8: H is for Hines Sight – Part I: The Beginning

It’s Day 8 of the Blogging A to Z Challenge, and I’m having a blast here and on my short story blog, A Short A Day. I hope you’re having fun too and meeting a lot of great new bloggers.

Anyway on to my ‘H’ topic. It was given to me by Vidya and it’s really quite embarrassing because I should have thought of it. Oh well, I didn’t and thanks Vidya.

If you’ve visited my About Me page than you already know why I started this blog, but not how the name came to be. Here’s a little history.

FYI: This is a two parter — The Beginning and The Future of 20/20 Hines Sight.

The Beginning
20/20 Hines Sight was born December 15, 2013 under a different birth name – A Chick’s Opinion. After a couple of posts (literally) I decided it needed to be revamped and renamed, so I let it go. I thought and thought some more about a new name and a new layout and by the time January 1, 2014 hit I thought I was ready to go. So I thought.

Where did the name 20/20 Hines Sight come from? It actually came to me at the Ophthalmologist. He was telling me he could get one eye 20/20, and that’s when the ‘Ah Ha’ moment and crazy lady cheese grin came and I tuned him out from there. He could have told me he was going to stab me in my eye and I would have nodded in agreement. The new name would be 20/20 Hinds Sight, but then I started thinking again. Watch out there now! And thought I’ll use my last name, Hines, instead. Clever, right?

So, this here blog has morphed and continues morphing. It’s not the strict:

I started this blog because: (1) I want to share my thoughts on the world around me and  (2) My friends and I are always having discussions about some hot button topics or not so hot button topics that go on around the world, and I wanted others to chime in.  Give me a different perspective.  I typically know how they are going to respond and they know me, so discussions don’t always reach their full potential.

And I’m glad it’s not. I hope you are too. Don’t get me wrong I still want to do those things, but also want it to be about more than that.

Click HERE for Part II: The Present & The Future

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