Day 7 (Blogging A-Z) – G is for Gummi Bears

UPDATE: 4.17.14 Daily Post
What is you biggest junk food weakness? 

Hi my name is E- and I am addicted to  Gummi Bears.
Haribo Gold-Bears to be more exact.

Step 1: Honesty — I am being perfectly honest with you when I say I have a Haribo Gold-Gummi Bears addiction

Step 2: Faith — I have faith that I will forever only eat Haribo Gold-Gummi Bears

Step 3: Surrender — I shall not surrender my Gummi Bears. You will have to pull them out of my cold dead hands

Step 4: Soul Searching — Not really, but more on of a quest to discover how many flavor combinations I can come up with.

Step 5: Integrity — Do not mess with the integrity of the Gummi Bear, unless you plan on infusing it with vodka

Step 6: Acceptance — If you are going to give me Haribo Gold-Gummi Bears, I will graciously accept


Now this is a dress I can get behind. 50,000 Gummi Bears.

Step 7: Humility — Definitely not to proud to beg

Step 8: Willingness — I have been harmed by a lot of impostor Gummi Bears out there and I’m scarred for life

Step 9: Forgiveness — Cannot forgive the impostors

Step 10: Maintenance — I maintain that I will have Haribo Gold-Gummi Bears on my person at all times. It’s better for everyone involved

Step 11: Making Contact — I promise should you attempt to take my Gummi Bears, I will make contact with your jaw. Strong right upper cut followed by a left hook and maybe even a head butt.

This could be you should you attempt taking my Gummi Bears. Fair Warning.

Step 12: Service — If I had to do community service, (which I might have to do if Step 11 happens) and there was an option, I would say tasting Haribo Gold-Gummi Bears for quality assurance.

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