Day 7: A Whole Heap of Gratitude for You Dude

This is also part of the of the Blogging A to Z Challenge and yepper today’s Letter is ‘G’. This post is about Gratitude and I have a bunch of it to give.

Very rarely do I have an opportunity and/or a need to express my gratitude toward someone, especially a stranger. But not really a stranger. A fellow blogger Opinionate Man (OM) over at HarsH ReaLiTy is offering to help fellow bloggers build their blogging audience. I didn’t jump on the offer. However when I did seek his help, I was pleasantly surprised.

OM took great care in finding bloggers, I would follow myself. I was excited to start reading posts from my new followers and literally spent the weekend reading their blogs (not doing homework) and the more I read the more excited I got because it was as though he was in my head. I have a wide range of interests and he honed right in on them.

I am truly grateful, appreciative, and thankful that he took the time to help build my audience. But the thing I find most admirable is that he practically abandoned his blog and his readers to do this.

If you’re a new blogger and are unsure how to gain an audience, than I definitely recommend OM to help you get over that hump. If you’re not a new blogger and don’t have the time, at the moment, to dedicate (like me) to developing your audience than I definitely recommend OM for that, too. But keep in mind after he’s done it’s up to you to keep your readers engaged and coming back.

If you haven’t visited his website click HERE and if you have and you want some help building your audience click HERE.

Thanks bunches! ❤


30 thoughts on “Day 7: A Whole Heap of Gratitude for You Dude

    • Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you liked the post. I was trying to visit as many A to Z’ers as possible, so I’d have a good list of who go to go back to. Still finding new bloggers. Hope to see you again soon.


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