Week 1: Blogging A to Z Challenge Review

Before I go any further, I’d like to thank everyone that has stopped by, whether from the Blogging A to Z Challenge or not. It warms my <3.

This week has been crazy busy for me. With work, school, and doing the Blogging A to Z Challenge on two blogs.  Here’s a quick recap of my experience so far.

Tuesday, April 1st the challenge began and I tried to hit the ground running with a post about April Fools Day and Antediluvian, a word I’d never heard until Lillian gave it to me. Love learning new things.

Hmm, I did quite a bit of resurrecting this week. I brought back ‘Breaking Taboo‘ with a post on “Bullying“; 20/20 Five (which I hope you’ll jump in and have some fun); and My Hometown with a post on Eastern Market.

I didn’t get a chance do all of the posts I had scheduled for last week. A couple hadn’t been started and time just got away from me and the others I didn’t feel we’re written very well. However, I managed to get over about 50% of them posted.

Just a little about what I’ve resurrected.

  • Breaking Taboo is my attempt to have a discussion about things that people don’t talk about for one reason or another (i.e. fear, hurt, shame, etc.). I hope you’ll join in the discussion.
  • 20/20 Five is  my little way of trying to connect the blogging community through 5 questions every Friday. To find out more and to ask a question click HERE.
  • My Hometown is a photo journal, of sorts, about where I live — the DC metro area.

Thanks again for visiting my little space on the internet. I hope you enjoyed. I look forward to you stopping by again real soon and I look forward to stopping by your corners of the internet too.

Happy Blogging and Happy Reading! 😀

Please feel free to stop by my short story blog, A Short A Day. I’m writing one (1) story over 26 days. Each part will be 100 words and begin with a word for that days letter and end with a word beginning with the next days letter.

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