Day 5: E is for Eastern Market

This is day 5 of the Blogging A to Z Challenge.

This is Eastern Market

For nearly 140 years Eastern Market has been an important part of the Capitol Hill community. It has been a neighborhood market and gathering place for residents of the DC Metro area. Designed by Adolph Cluss, Eastern Market was completed in 1873.

Plagued by declining attendance after World War II and supermarket wars, Eastern Market was about to be closed when residents rallied behind it and in recent years it has seen a resurgence in vendors and patrons.

Eastern Market facade with vendors outside

Inside Eastern Market

Inside Eastern Market

My purchases today at Eastern Market
Belt from Jon Wye

Belt from Jon Wye


27 thoughts on “Day 5: E is for Eastern Market

  1. Visiting from the A-Z Challenge. I have been to DC many, many times and have never been to this market. It looks similar to a market I have been to in Sydney, Australia though. My husband and I are definitely going to have to check this out on our next trip. Thank you!
    Amanda at His and Her Hobbies


    • Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoyed your time wandering around my posts and pages. I love Eastern Market. Yesterday, I sampled so much food that by the time I got home I wasn’t hungry. I definitely recommend it. My next big vacation next year is to Australia. Any recommendations of places to go


    • The building is, I think, an optical illusion. It’s only one story, but the height of it is about three stories. I find the space where the food vendors to be narrow. In a sense it does feel like that because the corridor long and narrow. And the skylight is beautiful. Good observation.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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    • Actually the building did not burn down, but was badly damaged by the 2007 fire. Unfortunately the South Hall suffered most of the damage with a partial roof collapse. Thankfully the vendors were and are still very resilient as within a few weeks those inside vendors moved their business outside the building during the renovation. And when they moved back inside in 2009 they moved back in to see the historic skylight and a state of the art facility.

      And yes the contractors did a great job restoring the building.


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