Help Wanted — Topics Needed for A-Z Challenge

Update: Thanks Lillian, Lee, Vidya, and Damyanti for your help. 🙂

Even though all letters are now accounted for, please feel free to chime in with your words.

In less than three weeks I, along with over 1000 other bloggers, will be participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge. I’m getting a wee bit nervous as I don’t have all my letters filled in yet and I’m asking for your help.

I have 13 letters accounted for, but the following letters don’t have a topic. It would be great if you could give me a topic corresponding to one of the remaining letters. Then join me next week on March 21st for the theme reveal.

Let me know your topic in the comments area. I’m excited to see what you come up with. Thanks in advance for your help.

A — Antediluvian (from Lillian over at Hopes and Dreams)
C — Community, Comapassion (from Vidya Sury)
G — Gratitude, Growth (from Vidya Sury)
H — Hindsight, of course — why didn’t I think of that? (from Vidya Sury)
I — Idyllic, Italy (me)
M — Marshmallow (from Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out & A to Z Challenge Co-Host)
N — NaBloPoMo experience (from Vidya Sury)
O — Origami (from Vidya Sury)
S — Smiles (from Vidya Sury)
T — Truth (from Vidya Sury)
U — Ubiquitous (from Vidya Sury)
Y — Yummy, Yachts, Yodeling (from Vidya Sury)
Z — Zoroastrianism (from Arlee Bird at Tossing it Out & A to Z Challenge Co-Host)

11 thoughts on “Help Wanted — Topics Needed for A-Z Challenge

  1. That first C could be your theme: Community. You’re basically doing a crowd-sourced, or Community-sourced theme. Or maybe the theme could be “Community-sourced topics.” If you don’t have a topic for the next day, you could ask for ideas the previous day, while giving a shoutout in your post for the day to the person or people who came up with the topic for that day.

    Also, your B could be Backlighting 🙂

    Random Musings From the KristenHead

    and my theme:

    A to Z Theme Reveal


  2. Hiya! Here from Damyanti’s tweet!
    C for Community (that’s what’s happening here right now!) and Compassion.
    G for Gratitude, Growth
    H for….Hindsight, of course!
    N for NaBloPoMo experience
    O for Origami
    S for Smiles
    T for Truth
    U for Ubiquitous
    Y for Yummy. naah. kidding. Yachts? Yodeling?
    Cheers! I think you’re going to rock the A to Z!
    By the way, have you signed up for the Theme Reveal blog fest? theme reveal posts go up on March 21!
    Have you signed up for the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal BlogFest? – Sign Up Now #atozchallenge #atozreveal


  3. I think I did drop you suggestions earlier(I did, right? Not so sure now).
    Went and sent out a few tweets of this post — and I see Arlee has dropped by following the tweet.
    Hope you get your list filled up soon, and if you don’t, come join us for the #AZchat this Thursday at 1PM and PM EDT, and ask for suggestions– I’m sure you’ll have more AZers swinging by!


  4. Same as Lillian not sure about your overall theme. Do you have one?

    Just going with first thing that came to my mind for M –Marshmallow. I love marshmallow.

    Z for Zoroastrianism. Don’t know what it is but it sounds strange.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out


    • Thanks Lee for the words. Marshmallows are great! 🙂 Would never have thought of that. I just did a quick search for Zoroastrianism and it falls in line with Lillian’s Antediluvian. Both words deal with religion, albeit two vastly different religions. Will prove to be very interesting.


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