Today must be payback for my insolence as a child.

I have had more people cuss me out today for no bloody reason. I mean really, I was my usual charming, smiling, sociable self and then POW.  Now, don’t think I let this slide. I forewarn folks that the road they’re about to take is a dangerous one, and I recommend for everyone involved they not go there.

Sadly, no one heeded the warning today. And from what I heard later on one woman went back to her desk and cried. I’m not proud of it, but if you come at me with guns blazin’, than you damn sure better be able to handle the consequences.

I can be Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, or any of the earth saving Autobots or I can be Megatron, Starscream or any of the earth destroying Decepticons.

Chose wisely grasshopper.

Speak your peace . . .

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