Conversations with a coworker

In spite of our vastly different opinions on some things there is only one coworker, I truly enjoy talking to. Here are a few topics we recently discussed.

1. Have we gone overboard with the political correctness? — Yes. I tell you we have become such a ‘politically correct’ society that we don’t allow people to express their opinion without making them the villian if their opinion is different. My coworker said he tried to express his opinion about same sex marriage and all of a sudden he got branded as a homophobe. I, myself, don’t care one way or the other and don’t really have an opinion on it. Which might be dangerous than having one. All I know is it’s not my chosen lifestyle and if that’s what you choose than so be it.

Have we “been beaten into political correctness” (Ben Carson)? Whatever happened to being able to express ones opinion and having a healthy discussion. No matter how much we try not to offend, people are going to get offended and I reccomend everyone put on their big girl and big boy panties and suck it up and deal with it.

2. Are we raising a generation of pansies (not the flower)? — Yes! Parents are overproctective and haven’t let their children experience one of the fundamentals of life — FAILURE. Parents are failing to let their children fail. It’s important.

My parents let me fail and to think through situations and as a result I’ve learned a great deal about how to go about living life and not relying on my parents to bail me out of every situation. I don’t see kids being empowered. What I do see is a generation of kids that feel as though they are entitled to everything even if they haven’t earned it. They throw temper tantrums and then mommy and daddy get involved and pitch a fit instead of using it as teachable moment. “Well, little Johnnie or little Suzie sometimes you’re not going to get what you want. And in order to get what you want you have to work at it and put your best foot forward.” I understand it’s hard to see your children fail, but sometimes you just have to.

3. The President — At first he was a little apprehensive about this, you know me being black and all and him being white, but then I guess he remembered who he was talking to. Yes, I voted for our current President, but I’m not a fan and I wasn’t a fan of Mitt Romeny either. Anyway, he’s a true conservative and I agree with a lot of what he says and I also disagree with a lot, but I enjoy having conversations with him. He believes as a lot of not most Republicans that the President is running the country into the ground. I will agree to a certain extent, but I also believe Congress is helping him.

We had the race discussion and how he doesn’t talk bad about the President to black people because they automatically think he’s a racist. He stated if the President was white, purple, green, or yellow and doing the same thing he would be against him.

Speak your peace . . .

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