The Take

This piece of fiction was inspired by Flash! Friday. Enjoy! 🙂

“Come on Lil-e,” Alex said giving her a slap on the rump. “Just one more.

“Sorry, Alex. You know Pete likes the place spotless when he comes to collect the money. Besides what would your wife say — spending your money on drink and me.” Lilly smiles and saunters away.

“I’m leaving.” Motioning to the others, they stagger out looking as though they’re at odds with the sea and fighting to stay afloat.

“Tonight?” asked Alex.

“Can’t. Another time.”

Lilly hangs the last rag over the beer keg when Pete comes in. Exactly midnight. He gets the cash box and counts the day’s earnings. Holding out his hand he says, “Good job!”

She takes Pete’s hand. They kiss. Pete begins to undo her corset when he hears a noise. Looking up, he sees Alex at the window. “He’s here,” Pete says.

Lilly smiles and draws him in, “Well then, let’s give him a show.”

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