What’s my writing voice?

I decided to do a NaBloPoMo post today and post my Breaking Taboo post Thursday.

Wednesday’s NaBloPoMo prompt was: How is your writing voice like you? How does your writing voice differ from you?

This is something I’ve honestly never considered. My voice depends on what type of writing I’m doing. There’s a work voice and a school voice and different voices for two vastly different blogs, therefore I don’t have just one writing voice or style.

As far as my blogs, this blog is mostly my voice. If you knew me in person this is some of what I may say and how I might say it. As time goes on I’m sure you’ll see a lot more of who I actually am — brutally honest, snarky, funny, witty, and as my sister says, “crazy as a road lizard.”

My second blog is my short story blog. My voice is distinctly male when I attach a gender to it. I’ve tried writing in a female’s voice and I am super uncomfortable with it and as a result those stories are pretty awkward. Not sure why, since I am female. Something to look into.

Yep multiple writing voices. Maybe multiple personalities too. Hmm. Scratching Head
Now that would explain a lot.


3 thoughts on “What’s my writing voice?

  1. This is my weak point that of finding my writing voice..I don’t feel I am “speaking” to my readers. I tend to write in order to express myself which makes my writing sound ‘stilted’… except when I write poems.
    I like the way you sound so natural.


    • I think we do that to ourselves. We tend to edit and edit until there’s nothing really left of our real voice. I learned that one day when I did some free writing and didn’t edit it. It was 100% me and I said I’m going to stick with it. I don’t, but I try to incorporate as much of me in it as possible.

      Try some free writing. Don’t edit it. Come back to it later and only make grammatical changes. My mother has always told me to write like you speak.

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      • You’re right, by editing too much we lose much of our personality in the process.
        Sounds really a great idea to use free writing — am used to free writing Only as first step in writing before drafting – and I teach this to my students, but as far as blogging is concerned, perhaps it’s going to invigorate my pieces. Thanks a lot for the inspiration!


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