Actually, I don’t know what to name this post

When I saw the Daily Post for today, I knew what I was going to write about; but then a friend of mine made the following comment on Facebook and a little conversation took place.


After that I decided to change my focus a bit.

If you don’t know anything about Chevy Chase, Md, it’s a relatively affluent part of the DC suburbs. The median household income is about $250K and the median cost of a home in Chevy Chase is about $1M — not to shabby.

It’s not just Chevy Chase parents that feel that way as it’s a growing epidemic in the DC metro area. The truth of the matter is she’s right when she says it’s the transplants and I’m right when I say it’s not only the transplants, but the native Washingtonians that have, as my mother says, “Arrived.” In other words they come into a bit of money and all of a sudden they’re better than you.

I’ve noticed that over the years since the gentrification of DC. DC seems to moving from a community oriented town to a town that is self-absorbed. Don’t get me wrong some DC neighborhoods still have days in which everyone gets together and has a good ole fashioned block party or neighborhood cookout or something, but not so much anymore. Transplants are moving into neighborhoods not knowing the history of the community and it’s becoming harder and harder for us natives to keep the history alive. Now it’s not all the new comers fault it’s us natives fault too. Native Washingtonians aren’t spreading the word, but the new comers aren’t asking either and nor do they care. And there are a lot of Native Washingtonians that are moving out of historic neighborhoods to live in the burbs or moving out of the DC metro area altogether or well, let’s face it they’re dying too.

I’ve also noticed with a lot of transplants and some native Washingtonians that there’s now an over abundance of narcissists. And it’s interesting to watch them move about in their own self-absorbed realities. They don’t care about anyone else but themselves. Maybe they’re taking a cue form our government. After all there a lot of staffers and interns on The Hill that are learning from some of the top narcissists out there.


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5 thoughts on “Actually, I don’t know what to name this post

  1. Well… Mumbai is a city of almost ALL transplants. So almost anything I say will be like saying “You’ve Chevy Chase, but I’m not” 😉
    But I will say this – transplants or not, your city’s (or suburb’s) history will probably be kept alive by people like you; even if its not with a cookout, but on a blog like this. Perhaps the transplants will discover the history on the Internet and then bring it to the streets (just like you wanted!). Wishful thinking?


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