Holy Shit, I just dodged a bullet!!!

We have this lady at work that is forever baking and today she brought in some Valentine’s cookies. Everyone knows that I’m allergic to all tree nuts and she always lets me know if anything she bakes has nuts in it. Well today I got ahead of myself and one of her uber delicious cookies before I saw her to ask the question, “Any nuts?”

She told me when she saw me that I couldn’t have any of the cookies because they contained almonds. Oh well, I just had one about 10 minutes before that. And luckily, knock on wood nothing has happened. Good thing I go to the allergist tomorrow. Topic #1 of discussion.

Going on two hours and I’m still fine. There’s a little friendly banter going on about who’s going to stab me with the epi-pen. A couple of people are willing to kill for the opprotunity.


Speak your peace . . .

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