God is Good 100% of the Time

Prayers are answered. This isn’t the post I planned, but I wanted to share. After spending lots of time on blended knee, it finally happened. My uncle got a new liver.

Liver cancer. Diagnosed late, but thank God it hadn’t metastasized to any other part of his body.

The first and second livers were not good and somebody who was worse off bumped him for the third, but the fourth was all his. And he took possession of it today.

Thank you to the family that unselfishly gave of their love one to strangers and gave them the gift of life too. You are a blessing to more than you will ever know. And I hope you know that even though they may no longer be of this earthly realm they still live on.

Peace and blessings to you.

4 thoughts on “God is Good 100% of the Time

  1. Thank you for spreading the word about organ and tissue donation! Im so glad your uncle had the chance to receive his new liver, and so glad the family who, in a moment of what I can only imagine to be the worst kind of moment, thought to be a blessing to so many others. Organ donation is truely the gift of life, and it’s so wonderful to hear of a positive outcome.


    • Thanks Sarah Mae for your kind words. I remember when I first became an organ and tissue donor, my grandmother asked why and I asked what am I going to do with them after I’m dead?

      Organ and tissue donation is extremely important and I can only imagine the difficulty families have when asked before they’ve really had an opportunity to process their loss. I hope more people see how positive and impactful being a donor can be and become and organ and tissue donor.


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