We really haven’t come as far as we’d like to think

I know we still have a long way to go to accept people for who they are, but sometimes I’m still gobsmacked about how far we haven’t come.

I was on my way back from lunch when I was approached by someone from the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and they were talking about gay rights. I honestly didn’t have time and I told the fella that and he was cool with that. We parted with smiles. I didn’t get out of ear shot when I heard someone literally start cursing one of the ACLU volunteers out about stopping him and asking him about that.

Okay, if it’s not your thing it’s not your thing, say no thanks and keep it moving, but there is no reason whatsoever to be direspectful. I got angry because no one deserves to be talked to in that manner and my excessively vibrant personality did an about face and proceeded to walk back to the group and give the guy a what for about his behavior. That kind of attack or any kind of attack on a person, I simply can not tolerate.

Speak your peace . . .

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