Why I Need my Own Business

I have reached a bit of a boiling point and it’s really time to start looking into my own business. I’m slowly being driven mad, by complete and utter fuckery (excuse my french).

  1. Other people’s rules suck
  2. I’ve discovered the older I get that I don’t play well with others in the sandbox
  3. Other people. Period
  4.  I know I could do better
  5. I would say quality of life, but I’m sure it’ll be just as craptastic. At least it’s on my terms
  6. If I don’t like you I can fire you
  7. There would be mandatory daily siestas
  8. Play dates — anything ending in ball (dodgeball — top of my list; kickball; volleyball, etc.)
  9. If I want to take a snow day in 90° weather I can without having to use a ‘mental health’ day
  10. People that think they are better than you just because they have very expensive degree. The reality of it is if presented with the task of getting themselves out of a paper bag they wouldn’t have a clue.


Don’t forget 20/20 Five is coming up this Friday.

20/20 Five is a blog hop in which you get to know a little more about me and your fellow bloggers in five questions. There a couple of great things about this blog hop, 1) you get to ask me questions and I’ll answer them and 2) you can join in the fun, too. Who knows you might come across some pretty awesome blogs and bloggers that you may not have considered before.

For more details and to submit your questions click the 20/20 Five link in the toolbar. And you can always submit them via twitter, too. @2020hines_sight and use hashtag #20/20Five.

I look forward to your questions and be sure to pass it on.

20/20 Hines Sight

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