Why I Love DC

Having been born and raised and still live in the DC metro area, I harbor a love hate relationship with this place. I thought I’d share 8 reasons why I love this town and in the coming weeks I’ll share what I don’t care for.

  1. Festivals
    • My goodness. DC has more festivals than I can count. I’m surprised there’s not one for green poo. Perhaps my favorite is the National Cherry Blossom Festival or maybe it’s the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. 
  2. The National Mall
    • The National Mall is spectacular. At one end you’ve got the tallest stone obelisk in the world — The National Monument and at the other the U.S. Capital. Pack yourself a picnic lunch and grab a spot at the Reflecting Pool or in one of the many grassy areas and relax.
      English: Facing West across the Washington Mal...

      (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  3. The Smithsonian
    • Folks born and raised in the DC metro area often take the Smithsonian for granted. Probably because as children we were shuttled there once or twice a year for an annual trip to the Air and Space Museum or the Museum of Natural History. Now that I’m older I’ve had the pleasure of visiting them and rediscovery their grandeur and of course they’re FREE.
      Smithsonian Institution Building or The Castle...

      The Smithsonian Castle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  4. Ben’s Chili Bowl
    • A DC institution since 1958. President’s have eaten a Ben’s and musicians like Bono; comedians: Bill Cosby, Larry the Cable Guy, Steve Harvey; Ted Koppel held his retirement party at Ben’s. It’s the place to go if you want to elected to any office in this town.

      Photo Credit: Voices: The Washington Post

  5. The Kennedy Center
    • I head to The Kennedy Center a few times a month and check out a free performance at Millineum Stage and the KC Jazz Club
  6. Jazz in the Garden
    • Jazz in the Garden takes place every spring/summer. Grab your blankie Linus, something to eat, a drink or two, and some good friends or hot date or enjoy by yourself (I’ve done it all).

      Photo Credit: The Washington Post. And yes there is Jazz going on.

  7. Food Trucks
    • I love food. I love good inexpensive food. Thereby I love food trucks. I have never had a bad lunch at a food truck.

      Photo Credit: Kelly Wegel Photography

  8. The Running/Hiking/Biking trails
    • Where to begin with this. We’ve got tons.
      • Wanna go hiking? Some must do’s are Sugarloaf Mountain, Great Falls, Rock Creek Park
      • How about biking? Try the Mount Vernon Trail, Chesapeake & Ohio (C & ) Towpath, Haines Point
      • Gotta get your run in? Run the National Mall, Rock Creek Park, Embassy Row
        English: Dam on Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC

        English: Dam on Rock Creek Park in Washington, DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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10 thoughts on “Why I Love DC

  1. Thank you for sharing what you love about your home town, it feels like you’ve opened the back door and let me inside just like one of the family. Never managed to get there, yet, but will remember your list if I pass that way in the future.


  2. great list! I loved living in DC. There is much to do and much that is low-cost as well. When I lived there the food trucks were not such a big phenomenon, but I will look for them on my business travels down there


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  4. Never thought of going to DC but you’ve inspired me. Question: What is a food truck? Is it like a street kitchen in asia where you can buy lunch?
    After those lot of pros I’m waiting for the cons.


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