Today I’m naked

In my rush to leave for work, I left my cell phone at home. And I feel absolutely naked.

No so long ago in the distant past I vowed to not become a slave to my device, but today has proven I am. All of my contacts are in my phone (email and phone numbers), so it’s proving rather difficult to contact people that aren’t in my email contacts, which of course are all the people that I need to talk to. I also use my phone as my MP3 player and most importantly to tune people out on the train, and it’s my defense against people who want to strike up a conversation with me when I’m at lunch. Lunch time is my creative time. My time to write my short stories.

Remember back in the day when you used to have to wait to get home or to work to make that important phone call or uses the dreaded public pay phone. Thank you cell phones for taking me off that thing. Or remember back in the day when you knew every number by heart. Your little computer of a brain went through the brain roledex to bring up Jane or John Doe’s phone number. Now we say, let me put you number in my phone or call me and I’ll have your number in my phone.

It amazes me how dependent we have become on our devices and how some of us barely look up from our devices nowadays. I can’t begin to tell you how many times people have walked into me because they were walking and texting or walking and reading or sending email. Not to long ago someone walked right off the train platform because he was texting.

8 thoughts on “Today I’m naked

  1. Oh, I can’t imagine being without my phone. I use it to journal throughout the day. I use it as a timer when I am in a PE class. I use it to keep me from being bored because that’s tortorous. I probably check to see if my phone is in my pockets a zillion times a day just to know where it is.


  2. I lost my phone a few weeks ago and had to blog about it too! And then… today I left it on the counter at home, and actually turned around, knowing it would make me late. Its like brushing your hair, you dont have to do it, but you feel crazy if you dont!


      • I found it, after 24+ harrowing hours of technological nudity. It was in a bin at the bottom of my closet, where it had apparently landed after I threw dirty clothes into the hamper and simultaneously released my phone into the closet. It’s ridiculous how attached to these things we are!


  3. I need my phone for my security. I think about things like what if I get in a wreck, break down etc. What if a family member needs to get a hold of me. I have turned around and came back in the house to get it. I always check when I am in the driveway in my car LOL.


    • I usually check too, but didn’t even think about it until I was half way to work and by that time it was to late. I use it for my wake-up alarm and as soon as goes off I check my emails (typically junk) and put it my bag. But not today. For some reason I put it back on my bed. Probably because I secretly wanted to stay in it. 🙂


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