Out for the Count

Fair Warning! If any of this sounds incoherent it’s because I am.

It started earlier this week and by Thursday morning I had officially been served and knocked on my arse.

It started over the weekend with a runny nose and then a stuffy nose, then runny, then stuffy — you get the picture on the nose thing. Then some chest congestion and tightness, which is not good for me. I have asthma and if that crap settles in my chest it’s a sure trip to the hospital.

Anyway on Monday I make an urgent care appointment to stop whatever this is before it gets started. According to the doctor I’ve got the makings of sinus infection, which is moving into my chest. Halle-freakin-lujah. Prescription in hand, I head straight for the hospital pharmacy, get it filled, and pop the first pill. By Wednesday morning I’m feeling a little bit better in terms of balloon head passing; however, by the time I get home from work my body aches and I’ve got chills. What the . . .?

Go straight to bed. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

I’ll be damned by Thursday morning, I felt like death warmed over. Back to the doctor. I’m dying. Well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but that’s how I felt and still do. Temperature almost 104. My doctor is obviously concerned and wants me to go to the emergency room for monitoring, but I’ve never been a compliant patient and he knows that. And home I go. Tylenol is now my best friend along with ice packs under the armpits and cool compresses and showers.

Hopefully whatever this is will vacate soon. I don’t have the flu or a cold, but I’ve got something, which I probably got from one of those ratchet people on the train, who refuse to stay home when their snottin’ and sneezing and coughing all over the place and everyone else.

I’m usually a pretty nice person, but when I’m sick — watch out because I turn into Mrs. Hyde and become quite unbearable.

Welp I’m tuckered out and going lie back down and sleep.


2 thoughts on “Out for the Count

  1. It sounds like you’ve got acute bronchitis. When I had that, I spiked a fever of 104.5, it was horrible. I react to it like that, and it stays FOREVER! I hope you get better soon!!! People seriously need to be more considerate of others, and bring tissues and hand sanitizers and body bubbles. Keep your sickness to yourself!


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